Friday, August 24, 2007

On the intellectuals


The intellectuals in the left-wing movement, are not a vanguard and could never become a vanguard. Marxists, neo-marxists, frankfurt-marxists, post-structuralists, queer-theoreticians and all other post-working class idiotologues and mental midgets high on political correctness and the dusts on their university chairs and their meaningless doctorates are ultimately parasites, vermin, yes a scourge on the back of the working class.

When they are questioned about their background, they are hiding behind their research, one Kamali, one Lundgren, one Rosenberg, all sociologists and not materialists, and start gnabbing about the "intellectual independence of the universities", like vermin determined to defend their cheese.

They are acting like ancient ephors, claiming that the university is a "sacred ground" which the system of capitalism is unable to drip into. Yet, their whole research is dependent on funds from the capitalist state and the capitalist EU.

Does anyone sincerely believe that the state would give money to projects not determined beneficial to it's economic, social and cultural polices of devastating the European culture and the European economy in the name of mondialist cosmopolitan globalism and urbanism?

The universities are bringing up a youth determined to smash the capitalist system, is the echoing myth of our age. The truth is that the generation of the 40;s, the disciples of Frankfurt, of Berkley, of structuralism, existentialism and marxist humanism, are the ones who are administrating capitalism today. Just ask the Clintonian Dynasty, Tony Blair, Joschka Fischer, and the entire Italian government.

Anti-intellectualism and populism is thus not a vice for the marxist movement, but a vaccine against the leper-infested kisses from the intellectuals in their ivory towers. The marxist leaders of the future would not be a product of the university environment, but of the destruction of the propaganda centers of western culture that these universities are.

The marxist party should not focus on the university students, except on those who are not interested of complying to the ideological consensus of the university (leave the economics to the right and culture to the left). Instead, it should focus on recruiting the working-class youth on the street. The very same youth that today is demonised by the left as potential fascists.

Those who are dissenting are the people of CRAP.

Sociology, gender theory, neo-marxism and all various form of post-68 theories should be purged from the universities. Instead we should focus on hard science. On rocket technology, on history, on mathematics, on physics, on chemistry, on programming and on warfare. Time to get rid of all dust, and burn some books.

By burning books like Parecon by Michael Albert, and Empire by Hardt and Negri, we won't get more stupid at least. It is worthless filth that has grown lke a tumour on the marxist movement in the past 40 years. It is high time for a surgery.

It is high time for a new 1937.


On antihumanism

Marxist humanism is a self-contradiction in it's very nature, and makes almost as much ideological meaningfulness in it's statement as for example "christian atheism", "poetical mathematics" or "physical spiritualism". Yet, many modern socialists, pseudo-marxists and real marxists claim to be adhering to the idea of marxist humanism, or humanist marxism.

Humanism and marxism are polar opposites. Humanism is the tool of the bourgeoisie, and marxism is the tool for the working class. If marxism is the oil that drives the engine of worker emancipation, then humanism by all means is the water that dillutes it.

The foundation of humanism is the idea of the cartesian subject, the rational man who is acting and knows that he are acting, in the words of the vulgar Austrians. Thus, according to humanism, man is more than his physical and mental characteristics, a metaphysical being in essence, open up for rationalism, reason and enlightenment.

The foundation of marxism is that the basis of mankind is the means of production by which he acquires his living, and that the superstructure which makes possible more efficient methods of distribution and some form of predictabiliy is society. Historically, society has always tipped the distribution inefficiently in favor of those who control the superstructure. Under feudalism, it was the armed barons. Under capitalism, it is the capital-owners. Under post-leninist socialism, it will most likely be the labor aristocracy.

Humanism is a method to atomise society into the individual particle, and to worship an idealised culturally alien image of that particle. The reason why I say culturally alien, is that rational man by definition is thinking and acting according to economist dogmas inframed by Anglo-Protestant methods of thinking.

According to humanism, man is free and rational because he is aware of his own existence and not put under direct oppression.

According to marxism, man is unfree and alienated since he is not the master of the means of production as long as society is divided according to class lines.

Humanism is also an idealist notion about the "sacredness" of human life and the universal church of secularism, the UN, has taken the authority to define reality according to some idea about "inalienable rights". A humanist is basically a secular christian, who have fired God, the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ from the equation while still fanatically preaching christian individe-centrism and guilt.

For marxism, morale, ethics and rights are not inalienable metaphysical subjects independent from human mind, but the living result of the ruthless class struggle which have formed and continues to form our civilisation. An individual is not only an individual, but also the agent of a class, who economically act in behalf of particular class interests (while maybe not fully aware of it by himself).

Marxists who claim that Marx was a humanist, are most often themselves from the bourgeoisie cultural establishment, and has not encountered Marx due to any repression that they've faced but instead as the adoption of a cultural cliché. Hence, due to their meeting with Marx on the dusty university libraries and the wet student union parties, they have come to be unable to understand the sentiments of marxism. For a bourgeoisie student reading Marx in a totally bourgeoized society is like an Earthling have found a Martian piece of litterature. It is like two different languages, from two different planets.

Humanism is a natural posture for the establishment, since it is based on the christian dogma, the biophobic, metaphysical religion which for 2.000 years like a drunken prostitute has lended herself to all types of Anti-European repression. Christianity has made the comprehension of secularism into a monoteistic faith with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the sacred Ten Commandments.

For a marxist to accept that, he must either be an intellectual microbe or a bourgeoisie ideologist cloaking in a marxist mantle. He must accept the legitimacy of the bourgeoisie laws, the bourgeoisie policemen, and the bourgeoisie social order, in order to have something to criticise.

He is thus reduced to a parasite on the back of the working class, not better or worse than a sinister cosmopolitan capitalist, but more poisonous a therefore more dangerous for the working class. It is not the duty of the marxist to sit on a university and talk about the plights of the "intelligentsia", but to engage in the real flesh'n'blood struggle against the beast of international capital.

Real marxism is a honourful warrior-code based around the vision of a new red dawn, where the workers would emancipate themselves and take control over the means of production. Real marxism could be called warrior socialism. It is manifested through the struggle which the Communist Revolutionary Action Party is enduring each and every day, and not on all these countless, fart-smelling university seats in Europe.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

CRAP library updated

The CRAP library is today formally updated with a link to the pamphlet "Giving Priority to Ideological Work is essential for accomplishing Socialism" by supreme commander Kim Jong-Il.


P.S - A review of the pamphlet should later on be published on this website.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

On national bolshevism and dialectal materialism

CRAP has recently been associated with the National Bolshevik party of Russia. Therefore it is important to differentiate marxism from national bolshevism, so that we could conclude whether or not CRAP is a marxist or a national bolshevik party.

The definition of national bolshevism is murky, but one could conclude by reading the ideological works of Limonov that the ideology of national bolshevism is inherently idealist. With that, follows that national bolshevism does not belong to the ideological tradition of marxism, which is utilising scientific dialectal materialism to predict possible trends.

One could, by looking at the methodologies of the national bolshevik party combined with their idealist ideology, conclude that they are a variation of insurrectionalist anarchism, and thus a purely western product by definition. With that does not automatically follow that they in any way are not nationalist (for Russian national liberation) or socialist, but that their analyses are based on the flawed argument that the human interpretation of reality is a substitute for reality.

CRAP could not accept such a deviation as an ideological position, and upholds scientific dialectal materialism on the basis that it builds the foundation for an on-going analysis of reality and the tendencies of history. Of course, the tendencies in themselves are possible to question, but the basis of materialism is the fundament of any successful interpretation of reality.

We do neither condemn the national bolsheviks on the basis of their flawed idealism, since they have contributed much to the cause of the global radical revolution.

We chose to officially condemn to it's fullest extent though, the participation of the National Bolshevik Party in the movement "Another Russia" which is a stooge for creating instability in Russia and open up for a liberal democratic revolution. It was a pragmatic decision, but one that could be proven fatal given Russia's temporary weakness.

What we have always admired in the National Bolshevik Party, are their innovative ways to attract members, and their decentralised model of organisation, suitable for growth in an environment marked by political repression.



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On democracy and dictatorship

We are objecting to the idea that Europe, and even more so that Europe together with the USA, could in any way objectively represent the ideas of human rights in the world. Firstly, it is idiotic to think that "laws" could protect anything in themselves, since laws without force are impotent, and it is even more idiotic to think that "states" or alliances of states could utilise force to protect the rights of people.

First, rights are non-existent. They are either a metaphysic assertion of divine power which must be denied by a strict dialectal materialist. The only way a people could protect itself, is by control over the means of production.

The reason why bourgeoisie oligarchic pronvincial states are employing an extensive system of privilegies and "rights", are not because of "goodness" or "democracy", but because the bourgeoisie need to have an environment which is possible to predict. A more uninhibited state would probably by mistake interfere in the interests of the bourgeoisie.

The "left" is not repressed because the "left" is not the "left" but a department of the ultraliberal right, handling cultural warfare. That is why the culture pages on right-wing newspapers are given to the "communists". There are no honest communists in Sweden anymore, except Jan Myrdal and myself.

The nationalists are subjected to repression because the globalist establishment fears secessionism from the new global order. Even though such movements as the national socialists are microscopically small, they are feared with unsustainable paranoia, especially compared to the various islamist terror organisations hiding in the suburbs. That is not a Swedish phenomena, but a western phenomena. Islamism is a global ideology, and could if needed be utilised to unify the Islamic world with the world market (just look at the cheered "moderate" islamic government of Turkey which is put forward as a role model to the Islamic world). Nationalism on the other hand, is complicating the situation, since it is anti-globalist. It is not because of a specific care of "immigrants" that the state is repressing nationalism, but it is rather the immigrants which are a convenient argument-in-reserve for diminishing social rights. The reason why the state want mass-immigration is because it wants to destroy the self-concious working class to serve the "adaption" to the libertarian new world order.

The idea is to put it into people's brains that welfare statism is "racist" and therefore "bad", "evil" and "immoral", something deemed possible due to usage of the "meme of solidarity". That is just a part of the adaption though.

Another part of the adaption is NATO membership.

We get to learn that NATO is the international police force for punishing "tyrants", "barbarians" and enlighten "uneducated" people, in remniscence of 19th century imperialist propaganda. The truth is that the wars that NATO has undertaken (not taking the Iraqi War into the equation) has all produced tremendously BAD results from Europe.

The Kosovo War in 1999 for example.

It was started to punish the "dictator Slobodan Milosêvic" (who had been twicely elected, once as president of Serbia, once as the president of Yugoslavia) for fighting Albanian islamic terrorists. Milosêvic, a moderate social democrat, was defined as a new Hitler, and demonised beyond comprehension, called an "evil Serbian ultranationalist". It could be interpreted as NATO prefers islamism over nationalism, but there is another dimension there as well, and that is the destruction of the Serbian state, which naturally and voluntarily represents a Russian foothold deep into Europe.

If Croatia... catholic, pro-west Croatia had waged the same war, they would have been supported by NATO, because they are pro-west, and not pro-russian. The war in Yugoslavia in 1999 was the culmination of the 1991-1999 war described in the Krutov manifesto, where western intervention was crucial in destabilising border regions near or within the borders of the former Soviet empire.

What positive effects did the war in Yugoslavia have for Europe?

It led to a wave of unprecedented ethnic cleansing of Serbs, the indiscriminate destruction of orthodox shrines, and the establishment of a second Albania, a harbor of criminality and drugs, under protection of the West, payed by European tax-payers.

Another such war was the war in Afghanistan, which albeit with a stronger casus-belli twarted an efficient regime and replaced it with gangsters who increased the heroine production thrice. Eventually, this misuse of heroine reached Europe, where it trashes the lives of European children.

Therefore, we could conclude that pro-west imperialism is in character anti-european and pro-US. By committing ourselves to the war-wagon of USA, Europe is ensuring it's subordination under American initiatives. The reason why European leaders chose to ally with USA, is that they know that without the USA, Europe would within a decade be restructured around anti-capitalist, anti-western sentiments, ariound "totalitarian" and "populist" ideologies.

We in CRAP would cheer such a development, not at least because it would probably give people like Rudolph J Rummel a stroke.

Conclusively, we could also state that NATO policing is based on establishing "elite democracies" built around the "mythology of moderation", the idea that the bourgeoisie represents the current and "civilised" manners, the politically correct values. Therefore, the facist dictatorship in Colombia is a "liberal democracy", while the popular democracy in Venezuela is a "populist dictatorship".

Ethiopia is pro-west, and could invade Somalia or practicing genocide at home and receive subsidies, while Sudan is anti-west and therefore is deprived of national sovereignty.

Third world states are doing genocide because their population growth, because their ethnic tensions, because they are FAILED STATES. The only thing which could solve ther inner self-contradictions are the conclusions of said genocides.

Anti-western policies are pro-european.

Therefore, the more we hear that a regime is breaking human rights, the more we should cheer for it. Human rights has always been violated. It lies in their nature to be violated.

Heck, CRAP would cheerfully violate article 17 in the charter of Universal Human Rights when we come to power. And we will sure laugh when the parasites are crying. The more they cry, the more we will enjoy it.

The conclusion is: NATO interventions must be opposed, not because NATO are war-criminals or that Iraqis, Afghans (not Serbs, because Serbs are Europeans and therefore evil ultranationalists according to the mainstream left establishment) are suffering.

NATO-interventions must be opposed even if they are directed against a dictator who is working to erradicate his own people and sadistically tortures or starves millions to death, and even if the intervention would clearly temporarily improve the conditions of people there.

NATO-interventions must be opposed because they are beneficial to the onslaught of globalism, to the advance of capitalism, liberalism and cosmopolitanism.

NATO-interventions must be opposed because they are pro-west and therefore inherently anti-european.



Saturday, August 11, 2007

On the class analysis of CRAP II

It stands evidently clear that capitalism today has transcended the national borders and become a global order. Of course, markets has been global since the late 19th century, but one could claim that capitalism today, due to the treachery of the Soviet Nomenklatura, modern technology and the natural tendency for centralisation, is in a process of totally integrating all aspects of action, life and death on this planet within it's motives.

It also stands evidently clear that capitalism today is a system marked by self-awareness, which is running an elite driven by an idealist will to transform the Earth into a "new utopian golden age". These tendencies should we discuss more in-depth in the future, but we could roughly state one interesting fact about modern capitalism.

That it is a capitalism without capitalists.

Of course there are some capitalists left, but they are dinosaurs bond for extinction. Their heydays are over. Nowadays, the ownership of the means of production stands under control of the most parasitic and least efficient aspect of capitalism, namely the sphere of cosmopolitan financial speculation.

Most capital today is owned or controlled by funds and banks which are fueling multinational corporations. The individual owners have very little influence over where their capital is invested, and most of the direct management is taken care of by boards with short mandates and short-sighted profit goals for the stock-owners.

Thus, we could say that the pure capitalist, the hook-nosed crocodile with the high hat and the cane, is an animal which evolution has left behind. Therefore, the current system could be described both as collective capitalism and plasma capitalism. The characteristics of plasma is that the heat has produced a state where the electrons of atoms are not longer circulating around the individual atoms but rather in a space of atoms of the very same kind.

In short, the entire global establishment, could be considered as one giant meta-capitalist, a virtual squid encompassing all of Earth. Since capitalism has managed to totally encompass the political, cultural, sociological and economical relations and structures on the globe, almost everything today could be viewed as an extension of global capitalism.

The system is not an unintelligent system. It is highly intelligent, predatory and most important of all, aware of these conditions. The awareness of the system is manifested through the new world order, the will to rationalise and restructure the planet into a few unified markets based on cultural paradigms which would be continuously outphased in return of a higher amount of inter-connectionalism. One could say that the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and organs like WHO and Unesco are the government departments of the future world government, the Randroid Leviathan fueled by the totalitarian fascism of Rand's philosophy, while the EU, the NAFTA, the ASEAN are supra-regions in this dystopian world government.

That is the tendency of the whole system of capitalism.

Within this system, we could see the out-crystallization of three classes, two of which are utterly parasitic in nature, and one which carries the world order on it's shoulders.

The two parasite classes are of course the establishment and the lumproles.

The establishment is consisting of the activity amassed at the centres of capitalism, in Wall Street, London, Frankfurt, Tokkyo. It is also consisting of the multinational corporations, from the highest CEO to the middle-large stock-owners and the vampiric dogbertian consultants. It is consisting of governments and bureaucracies. It is consisting of media. It is consisting of the universities and the intelligentsia with their cosmopolitan left-wing and right-wing ideologies. This structure actively works to keep the status quo, and to increase economic profits by manipulation of currencies and financial speculation.

The establishment is an utterly parasitic class.

At the bottom of society, we would find the lumproles, short for lumpen-proletariat. They are the beggars, the lepers, the starving, the worthless overpopulated filth that is reproducing like flies. In most of the underdeveloped nations, plagued by diseases, remnants after Aryan-Cosmopolitan imperialism, ethnic tensions, failing states, and chaos caused by the ravings of global capitalism after resources, this group of people are consisting of the majority. These masses, fuelled by their will to survive, are utterly incapable of doing anything else than ultimately serve the interests of capitalism. Overpopulation is a convenient result of western policies of charity which will ensure that there will always be some instability in the system, so that marginal differences in the wage differences always could consist a secure profit.

These faceless masses are used by the rootless cosmopolitan to split the workers of Europe, to create ethnic tensions which are later on used so that people will focused on small-scale provincialism and neglect the ultimate holism of capitalism. The lumprole, eager to satisfy his own primitive needs and unable to get any collective identity beyond his tribe, is an excellent tool, willing, docile, angry at the European worker.

The lumproles are by that reason and a thousand others a parasitic class which has a broken back and eventually will drag down all European workers and the last remnants of civilisation in the abyss of laissez-faire anarchism.

The class which is carrying the entire world system of capitalism, is the working class.

The working class is at least as diverse as the establishment and the lumproles. Here we have everyone from the petty-borgeoisie small-shop owner to the scientist and the robot programmer. The working class is operating the technical and productive aspects of capitalism. They are the scientists who discover new technologies, they are the technicians maintaining machinery, they are the countless cogs in this giant wheel. They are envied by the lumproles, who long for clenching their claws around the necks of them, and despised by the establishment which is biophobic and despises life and productivity.

The worker, and especially the labor aristocracy, is the true elite of the world. They are well-educated, productive and creative. It is they who are deserving to rule the world and control the means of production, not the mutants, not the parasites, not the whores.

To emancipate himself, the worker just needs to get rid of the parasites which are keeping his potential down.

This is the basic class analysis of CRAP.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

On the class analysis of CRAP I

The Aryans

Tribal communism was the dominant system of modern Europe until the transition between the bronze age and the iron age. The tribal communist system, was marked by a matriarchal cult of nature, of a respect of all living beings, of peace and plenty. Then, the Asian Aryans rode into Europe and erradicated the confederate system of tribes which earlier on had dominated Europe, and replaced the Queens and the great Mother with male gods of wars. Thus, tribal communism was replaced with an Aryan system of submission under Asiatic slavery.

But no ruler could ever dream to rule over a civilisation without making assertions of acceptance to the earlier dominating culture. No society, not even a classless society, could work without division of labor. Hence, the Aryan rulers of Iron Age-Europe, be they Celtic, German, Hellenic or Latin, were forced to adopt strategies to rule without too much opposition, by the inclusion of the majority people into their system (inter-marriage by the elite, and contracts with the lower classes). This process took several centuries, and eventually, the European continent was divided from the north-west to the south-east by a line demarking the border between the Aryan Romans and the Aryan Germans.

The Aryan Romans employed a system of city-states and codified laws amassed underneath one imperial state with constitutional limits. The economic base of that system was slavery, which permitted a large part of the population to parasite from other's work. There were also a class of free citizens, and an aristocracy. The Aryan Germans did as well employ a similar system, but centered around the household and without a centralised state as a last resort.

This conflict was resolved through the Age of Migrations, where the synthesis - feudalism - allowed the birth of Europe as a geo-political entity unified by Semitic Christianity. Feudalism continued the ethnic stratifications of earlier systems and destroyed the multiculturalism of the late Roman Empire. Feudalism presents itself as a triumph of labor over wealth, of the German over the Roman. It was a Continental, not a Mediterranean system.

The French revolution saw the dethronisation of Aryan rule over Europe, and the beginning of Capitalism. But capitalism has not emancipated the European worker and given him the control of production denied by 3000 years of Aryan yoke.

The old aristocracy is a relic, but it is not a European ideal, but an anti-European ideal, and hence by all means should be desecrated.

The Capitalists

One important thing to notice is that the capitalists, which often are either members of differing ethnicies or included in their worldview, driven by profit as only interest, has no interest whatsoever in releasing the creative mind of the European worker and inventor.

On the contrary, the capitalists are driving people to maximise the profits of the companies, which whenever it suits them could move to China or Malaysia. When Europeans are working over-time to keep their jobs, their demographic development turns negative, which the vile hook-nosed capitalist solves by importing lumpen-proles from the third world. That is a slow genocide on the European population, which is chained to the means of production.

The Third World and
the Lumpen-proletariat

The socialist parties of Europe has become pawns in the game of chess of capitalism, fighting against the interests of the worker and for the interests of the capitalist. The lepers, the beggars, the perverts, the mutants and the masses rid of an identity are the ideal herd for a master, something which the Aryan Romans already realised 2.000 years ago with their destruction of the Italic culture.

The Capitalist utilises the faceless, beastly masses of the Third World to destroy the European worker and domesticate him.

The European Socialist Class War is a two-front war. Against the capitalist, and against the underclass.

The European Worker

What have made European swords so sharp, is not the strength of the Aryan swordsman, but the ingenuity of the European blacksmith. What have made European companies great is not the tongue of the Cosmopolitan Capitalist, but the ingenuity of the European working man.

When the European worker is fully liberated from the chains of Cosmopolitan capitalism and free to embrace his full creative potential, and new European Sun will rise, and a new European oak will grow, a thousand times more bright and shining.

Europe will become the greatest civilisation that Earth has ever seen, a civilisation not domesticated under brute elite but free to with joy and celebration make tremendous progress in all forms of arts and science. The vanguard is a European vanguard. The destiny is a European destiny.

A socialist revolution by all means must be a European revolution, and intended to emancipate the European worker with his history, and erradicate 3500 years of oppression underneath Aryan and Rootless Cosmopolitanist cultures.