Saturday, August 11, 2007

On the class analysis of CRAP II

It stands evidently clear that capitalism today has transcended the national borders and become a global order. Of course, markets has been global since the late 19th century, but one could claim that capitalism today, due to the treachery of the Soviet Nomenklatura, modern technology and the natural tendency for centralisation, is in a process of totally integrating all aspects of action, life and death on this planet within it's motives.

It also stands evidently clear that capitalism today is a system marked by self-awareness, which is running an elite driven by an idealist will to transform the Earth into a "new utopian golden age". These tendencies should we discuss more in-depth in the future, but we could roughly state one interesting fact about modern capitalism.

That it is a capitalism without capitalists.

Of course there are some capitalists left, but they are dinosaurs bond for extinction. Their heydays are over. Nowadays, the ownership of the means of production stands under control of the most parasitic and least efficient aspect of capitalism, namely the sphere of cosmopolitan financial speculation.

Most capital today is owned or controlled by funds and banks which are fueling multinational corporations. The individual owners have very little influence over where their capital is invested, and most of the direct management is taken care of by boards with short mandates and short-sighted profit goals for the stock-owners.

Thus, we could say that the pure capitalist, the hook-nosed crocodile with the high hat and the cane, is an animal which evolution has left behind. Therefore, the current system could be described both as collective capitalism and plasma capitalism. The characteristics of plasma is that the heat has produced a state where the electrons of atoms are not longer circulating around the individual atoms but rather in a space of atoms of the very same kind.

In short, the entire global establishment, could be considered as one giant meta-capitalist, a virtual squid encompassing all of Earth. Since capitalism has managed to totally encompass the political, cultural, sociological and economical relations and structures on the globe, almost everything today could be viewed as an extension of global capitalism.

The system is not an unintelligent system. It is highly intelligent, predatory and most important of all, aware of these conditions. The awareness of the system is manifested through the new world order, the will to rationalise and restructure the planet into a few unified markets based on cultural paradigms which would be continuously outphased in return of a higher amount of inter-connectionalism. One could say that the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and organs like WHO and Unesco are the government departments of the future world government, the Randroid Leviathan fueled by the totalitarian fascism of Rand's philosophy, while the EU, the NAFTA, the ASEAN are supra-regions in this dystopian world government.

That is the tendency of the whole system of capitalism.

Within this system, we could see the out-crystallization of three classes, two of which are utterly parasitic in nature, and one which carries the world order on it's shoulders.

The two parasite classes are of course the establishment and the lumproles.

The establishment is consisting of the activity amassed at the centres of capitalism, in Wall Street, London, Frankfurt, Tokkyo. It is also consisting of the multinational corporations, from the highest CEO to the middle-large stock-owners and the vampiric dogbertian consultants. It is consisting of governments and bureaucracies. It is consisting of media. It is consisting of the universities and the intelligentsia with their cosmopolitan left-wing and right-wing ideologies. This structure actively works to keep the status quo, and to increase economic profits by manipulation of currencies and financial speculation.

The establishment is an utterly parasitic class.

At the bottom of society, we would find the lumproles, short for lumpen-proletariat. They are the beggars, the lepers, the starving, the worthless overpopulated filth that is reproducing like flies. In most of the underdeveloped nations, plagued by diseases, remnants after Aryan-Cosmopolitan imperialism, ethnic tensions, failing states, and chaos caused by the ravings of global capitalism after resources, this group of people are consisting of the majority. These masses, fuelled by their will to survive, are utterly incapable of doing anything else than ultimately serve the interests of capitalism. Overpopulation is a convenient result of western policies of charity which will ensure that there will always be some instability in the system, so that marginal differences in the wage differences always could consist a secure profit.

These faceless masses are used by the rootless cosmopolitan to split the workers of Europe, to create ethnic tensions which are later on used so that people will focused on small-scale provincialism and neglect the ultimate holism of capitalism. The lumprole, eager to satisfy his own primitive needs and unable to get any collective identity beyond his tribe, is an excellent tool, willing, docile, angry at the European worker.

The lumproles are by that reason and a thousand others a parasitic class which has a broken back and eventually will drag down all European workers and the last remnants of civilisation in the abyss of laissez-faire anarchism.

The class which is carrying the entire world system of capitalism, is the working class.

The working class is at least as diverse as the establishment and the lumproles. Here we have everyone from the petty-borgeoisie small-shop owner to the scientist and the robot programmer. The working class is operating the technical and productive aspects of capitalism. They are the scientists who discover new technologies, they are the technicians maintaining machinery, they are the countless cogs in this giant wheel. They are envied by the lumproles, who long for clenching their claws around the necks of them, and despised by the establishment which is biophobic and despises life and productivity.

The worker, and especially the labor aristocracy, is the true elite of the world. They are well-educated, productive and creative. It is they who are deserving to rule the world and control the means of production, not the mutants, not the parasites, not the whores.

To emancipate himself, the worker just needs to get rid of the parasites which are keeping his potential down.

This is the basic class analysis of CRAP.


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