Saturday, August 18, 2007

On national bolshevism and dialectal materialism

CRAP has recently been associated with the National Bolshevik party of Russia. Therefore it is important to differentiate marxism from national bolshevism, so that we could conclude whether or not CRAP is a marxist or a national bolshevik party.

The definition of national bolshevism is murky, but one could conclude by reading the ideological works of Limonov that the ideology of national bolshevism is inherently idealist. With that, follows that national bolshevism does not belong to the ideological tradition of marxism, which is utilising scientific dialectal materialism to predict possible trends.

One could, by looking at the methodologies of the national bolshevik party combined with their idealist ideology, conclude that they are a variation of insurrectionalist anarchism, and thus a purely western product by definition. With that does not automatically follow that they in any way are not nationalist (for Russian national liberation) or socialist, but that their analyses are based on the flawed argument that the human interpretation of reality is a substitute for reality.

CRAP could not accept such a deviation as an ideological position, and upholds scientific dialectal materialism on the basis that it builds the foundation for an on-going analysis of reality and the tendencies of history. Of course, the tendencies in themselves are possible to question, but the basis of materialism is the fundament of any successful interpretation of reality.

We do neither condemn the national bolsheviks on the basis of their flawed idealism, since they have contributed much to the cause of the global radical revolution.

We chose to officially condemn to it's fullest extent though, the participation of the National Bolshevik Party in the movement "Another Russia" which is a stooge for creating instability in Russia and open up for a liberal democratic revolution. It was a pragmatic decision, but one that could be proven fatal given Russia's temporary weakness.

What we have always admired in the National Bolshevik Party, are their innovative ways to attract members, and their decentralised model of organisation, suitable for growth in an environment marked by political repression.



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Peter Wilberg said...

It is important to come to a new and historically grounded Marxist understanding and appreciation of the contemporary relevance of National Bolshevism - which has its roots in post-WW1 Germany and NOT in the more recent writings of Limonov or his National Bolshevik Party. Such an analysis can be found at:

and forms part of the platform of the new National People's Party in the U.K.(Marxist)