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Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Two European Spirits in the land of the Americans

In all extent, the actions undertaken by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold have been seen as an expression of typical American features by the scornful, aristocratic left-wing intelligentsia of Europe. What that left-wing intelligentsia in it's isolation from the true world of emotions and class struggle have failed to realise is that they in their own incarnation is more of a representation of contemporary American thinking than our two friends Reb and VoDKa.

In the true extent, Europe, no matter the fact that it is convenient for American supremacy that it's political leadership is more liberal and weeping than that of America, is the home-continent of the dogma of violence, of social hatred, of revanschism, and of illiberalism. That is why the European leaders need to be more wimpy and more prone to use means of state control over it's population.

In the US (and Australia), historical social mobility and constant immigration by new waves of immigrants have weakened the class struggle and ressentiment between the social classes. The lack of a domestic aristocracy (after the civil war) has led to a society where we only have one (from the beginning) monolithic bourgeoisie and one very diverse and disunified working class.

Due to the heterogenity of the American society, there has been a constant social violence in the background, but it has historically been below the political discourse, and all answers towards that violence have been made through symbolic rather than socio-economic measures (for example affirmative action, which by no means would make an end to the fact that the inner cities of the American metropoles look like they have been hit by atomic bombs).

Americans are defensive individualists, who are barking like dogs but are happy as long as they could protect their own property. They are armed to the teeth, but so socially domesticated by their inherent libertarianism that they pose less a threat to their government than the unarmed Italian populace represent to theirs. Without the ability to interpret class struggle, to discover and trace social groups, and without a ressentiment against the higher stratas of society, Americans are pretty harmless. All their hampering and disunity could be solved by meaningless, cosmetic actions (banning of abortions, affirmative action, abolishment of affirmative action, installment of the ten commandments poster at the school, etc...).

Some spectacular examples manage to see through and become frustrated with the inate meaninglessness of the civil and public debate of the USA. I argue that Eric and Dylan were such examples. They understood the inherent hatred against those privilegied at their school, the jocks and preps, as well as the general hypocrisy of their suburb, and managed to interpret it into making an action which is very Un-American, namely suicide, after taking so many as possible of their enemies down.

Say what you want about their action, it's conduct and it's outcome, but it is clearly not an example of the American way of thinking. Instead, it shows more resemblance to the thinking and mentality of the RAF or the Red Brigades of 1970;s Europe. By the de-individualisation of the victims of the massacre, Eric and Dylan upgraded their ressentment from an individual level to a collective one. And why not? Everyone understood that they were treated as inferiors despite their apparently superior ability to interpret things, and everyone accepted the ritualistic ideas of the preps and jocks, the idea that high school was a seat of mating together boys and girls.

The classical American way of dealing with social inferiority is to keep silent and try to work upwards. Americans can not see the structures of repression if they are not directly visible.

The classical European way of dealing with social inferiority is to DESTROY the group allegedly responsible for that inferiority, no matter be they Jews, capitalists, immigrants, aristocrats, catholics, puritans, moslems or politicians.

No values attached, it is so.

Europeans are able to see or perceive privilegies almost everywhere, while Americans just see individuals. That is one reason why the socialist movements (and fascist movements) had a bigger success in Europe than in the US.

The American government, as well as it's client governments in the rest of NATO and Europe, recognise the fact that the European people is very dangerous for the status quo of international capitalism. Therefore, it has made a policy to try to liberalise Europe since 1945, try to make it a seat of tolerance, political correctness and general wimpyness. So, the liberalism and "female" values which Robert Kagan attach to Europe is not a product of European weakness, but of a general political project made to soothe and moderate the European people.

While "liberty" is a codeword for the USA, and the ideal is to own property, the codeword of Europe is "defiance", and the goal throughout the historical European rebellions, from the medieval age to our time, has been to destroy the concept of property and create some sort of utopian state. That is akin to the lost golden age of Europe, in the bronze age, when the Proto-European peoples worshipped female gods and practised tribal communism.

Eric and Dylan were, in almost all of their personality traits, more European than American. They loved aesthetics, they loved German music (an expression of the cultural experiences of Germany, not of the USA), they loved Tarantino, one of the most international (hence European) of the American film-directors.

A typical American guy, no matter his ethnicity, look round-faced, muscular, a bit like Justin Timberlake, a bit like Bill Clinton in his facial features. Eric and Dylan look more European than American. If I saw them on a given photo without knowing their citizenship, I would have written Germany for Eric and Ireland for Dylan.

Even though their actions where made easier by their access to weapons, the actions of Eric and Dylan where more in line with the mentality of Sorel and Mussolini than the one of Nozick and Friedman. The spontaneous act of violence, against a herd which do not deserve better, is not an American action.

It is the European way of thinking.

In order for us Europeans to reclaim our identity, we must embrace exactly the characteristics which our cosmopolitan establishment are condemning. Vengeance, aggression, ressentiment, revanschism, and hatred have been the keys behind all successful overthrows of corrupt social systems.

I would also like to recommend the following website.

Try to download the game. It is enjoyably multi-dimensioned and helps investigate the mindset behind such destructive actions.


Liberal paradigm

One interesting aspect of the IP/PC deviations is that those deviations are in line with the current development of contemporary western society. Often, they are assumed as natural by the establishment and the left-wing intelligentsia, who together works hard, like two relentless parents, to teach the working class to not react in any way that could seem or look racist.

Speaking of the general society, we could talk about a public communication between the rulers and those who are ruled which is based upon a liberal paradigm, with a meta-ideological foundation, an own mythology and an own language. That modern paradigm includes the cultural norms and expressions deemed acceptable by the establishment, and excludes the expressions which drives against the consensus ideology of the establishment.

The positive key-words are aligned with the concepts of "diversity", "multiculturalism", "tolerance" and "cosmopolitanism". The ideal promulgated through these beliefs are clearly inclined to produce social peace in a more and more culturally diverse class society where there could exist real threats of secessionism and even race warfare exists.

Instead of class struggle, the establishment and the left-wing intelligentsia have together formed a discourse blaming most of the ills on society on the "unenlightened" domestic worker. The problem is that our unenlighted proletarian, uneducated, inferior, is not tolerant towards immigrants, politicians, economists, gays and ethnic minorities.

That worker is a racist stereotype created by the establishment, remniscent of the views of the "Third class" that the French aristocracy held before the revolution of 1789. The basis is the American redneck, a poor alcoholic white male who is beating his wife and kids, believes in conspiracy theories, hate Jews and Blacks. That propaganda was created during the American Civil War, and is today renewed in the minds of the establishment through college and university indoctrination. It is basically a premise for the creation and motivation of a class society where the struggle of minority equality through moral legislation helps prevent the emancipation of the working class.

The very same left-wing intelligentsia which hold compassion for the coloured people and their plight (including multi-millionarie O.J Simpson) loathe the inhabitants of the trailer parks and the poor inner cities of Europe. The same could be applied nationwise. If it is Africa or Latin America, then everything excusable, including Mugabe destroying his own economy. If it is Russia or Serbia, everything that is made by the governments of those countries in preserving the national interests and the life and honor of the people are interpreted as "ultranationalism".

By employing the liberal paradigm, the leaders of the mainstream left-wing parties (even nominally communist parties and institutions) have shown that their true interest lies in preserving the status quo of the current situation. The left has been hijacked by persons holding such opinions and is efficiently and profoundly destroyed as a credible force for the European working class.

Therefore, CRAP urges all serious-minded marxists to join our ranks in our struggle against the capitalist beast.


On direct action

The working class today is domesticated by blind consumerism, hedonism and the degeneration of bourgeoisie culture. They do not live good or healthy lives, but by the TV and the commercials, they are slept by the americanist idea that everyone could achieve everything. They live like Onslow in "Keeping up appearances", have no revolutionary fervor and no will to achieve anything constructive.

The subject of the revolution must be the "creative class", or the "class of outcasts", or "Limonov's misfits" (Another Russia, chapter 8.). Those are the intellectuals who are or would be natural dissidents in any system. They are socially alienated from the culture of consumerism and togetherness spawned by the western liberal mind. They long forward to a new, more heroic existence. They are the future.

The creative class is the natural enemy of the left-wing intelligentsia. The creative class is not drenched in political correctness, social competence or any will to adapt and reach higher within the framework of the current discourse. The creative class hates the post-modern culture of the intelligentsia.

The preferred goal should be the twofold sword of turning the creative class into the vanguard of the European revolution, and instituting base areas according to the theories of Murros. Only if that is the case, we could hope to build a constructive counter-society against western decadence.

To build up base areas, we would need limited, rational actions meant to question the status quo of the local zone. Such actions must be meant to create a long-term subjugation of the public space into an extension of the party and therefore for the classes meant to be involved at the helm of the communist project.

Direct action, not parliamentarism, is the primary method to achieve success.


On the CRAP programme

The CRAP programme is not to be a product of one's imagination or imposition of the will of one or a few individuals over how the wotrld should look, but be a flexible, balanced charter on how the European Union could be turned from a globalist-cosmopolitan liberal system into one that is imperial-integral and socialist.

We are neither supportive of the "socialism in one country"-thesis, or the thesis of international revolution. It is evident that there are some objective differences which for example have made an area the size of the former USSR more adaptable to socialism than an area corresponding to the size of Ghana.

"Socialism in one country" is only feasible if the country is of considerable geographical size. It would be pure madness to try to turn for example Burkina Faso or Tahiti into self-sustaining socialist paradises.

Therefore, to a lesser extent, the idea of turning one European country into a socialist state is not so attractive given the fact that country would be excluded from needed resources and subject to the geopolitical situation of Europe. Belarus for example, cannot do much to alter the map of relations between even European countries.

That leads to the conclusion that we need an area of bigger scope to project our work on, and hence, we have the European Union. Our primary goal must not only be to establish a Pan-european party, but to become a leading voice in the establishment of socialism in Europe for our new generations.

In essence, our party therefore needs to be Pro-european and not Anti-european as the current left-wing cultural establishment. With pro-europanism, we mean that instead of focusing on various immigrant groups and sexual minorities, we should focus on the main worker class of Europe, as well as on university students and the "creative class" of misfits (Limonov, another Russia, chapter 8) which constitutes the main driving forces for revolutionary fervor.

Our natural enemies are liberal pro-europeans, nationalist anti-europeans, socialist anti-europeans and islamic supremacist anti-europeans. Our natural allies are pro-european socialists and pro-european nationalists.

Imperial-integralism is not imperialism, but rather the will to set up a superpower which should reflect the character of the ruling class. In the terms of our proposed socialist European Union, it should reflect the character of the working class and creative class.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Identity Politics and Political Correctness

Chapter I
The IP/PC Deviation
by Michel Rienzi

There have been many deviations in the left-wing environment throughout it's history. We could just think about the gotha programme, social democracy, fabianism, council communism, feminism, trotskyism, revisionism, pacifism...

Deviations must often not actually be fought relentlessly, and could be useful to widen the recruitment base to the revolutionary party. Take for example christianity. It is not a relevant point to the revolution or the construction of the new socialist society whether or not christianity is purged or not.

Actually, empirical evidence points out that direct attacks against organised religion could be counter-productive. Despite several years of atheist indoctrination, still 70% of the Russian people label themselves as orthodox. There is much less religiosity in countries like Sweden, where 85% call themselves agnostics or atheists. Direct attacks on the church authority would just strengthen it, which is shown by the treatment of sects like Falun Gong, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of Scientology. Of course, sects such as these need to be supressed, but to try to treat an established entity like the catholic church the same way would be a catastrophic action.

The goal must be to conquer the established moral authorities from within and turn them from reactionary elements into progressive elements. We realise that. Gramsci did realise that. What Gramsci had not realise, was that the progressive movement itself would in large be hijacked by another ideology and drained from it's life.

It is not the ideological mechanisms that has been twarted as in earlier cases of revisionism, but the very heart of the ideology itself has been corrupted. The western revolutionary left have been hijacked by POSTMODERNISM. It is a complete disaster, which have had long-lasting effects for the aesthetics and ideals of the progressive movements.

For example, valuable resources are moved from supporting working class struggle into beefing up fruitless, sterile "ideologies" like multiculuralism, gender theory and various forms of sociology. Instead of producing magnificent works of art which shows life as it should look, akin to socialist realism, the "progressive artists" of our time are producing revolting pictures of degeneration and decadence aimed at destroying everything in life that is honorful and high.

Identity politics is a code-word for existentialism and postmodernism, both idealistically and artistically, within the progressive movement. Instead of developing marxism, time is wasted planning gay pride parades and pornographic exhibitions (what an irony, that true beautiful pictures of the human body as it ought to look are labelled "pornographic" by the modern left, while horrendous abominations showing cripples, fat people, shit and people having sex with corpses is labelled as "arts"). Andy Warhol, Sartre, and de Beavouir are the icons of that change and that movement.

Political Correctness in it's turn, is a system of mind control remniscent of stalinist and maoist techniques of purging a movement from regressive elements. But the PC is on the absolute other vedge of the methodology, labelling all expressions which are running contrary to the self-destruction of organised society as "evil, racist, fascist and totalitarian" expressions.

In a situation when a lot of European cities are enduring a low-scale civil war with an ever-increasing moslem population, that is an excellent tool for suppressing criticism to the apparent supremacism and racism of elements within the coloured populations. The white European working male is guilty for the Holocaust, the Black slave trade and Imperialism, hence he should be the scapegoat for all violence that is injected by criminal gangs in our suburbs. If there have been a horrendous gang rape of a blonde European women made by a group of Somalis, media immeaditily calls an "expert" who claims that the perpetrators of most sexual violence are the representatives of the indigenous population.

Some modern "leftists" would claim that IP/PC is a part of the modern consensus and hence above criticism. In much the same manner as neoliberals are defending globalisation as the "only road", these leftists prefer to call multiculturalism inevitable.

In two ways, that is a tragic fallacy of enormous proportions.

1. The progressive, in justifying his existence, cannot and should not do what he is doing because of the trendiness of that inclination for the moment. Especially not as globalisation and mondialism are ideologies injected by international capital.

2. It is not like that IP/PC in fact IS an expression of what the majority of the population think and feel. On the contrary, during the last two decades, the bourgeoisie state and it's intellectuals have vehemently worked to install mass campaign after mass campaign based on the IP/PC deviations, and answered even the slightest dissonance in that symphony with unproportionally harsh measures.

IP/PC is what has alienated the industrial workers from the intellectuals of the European left-wing movement, and unified these intellectuals in solidarity with the bourgeoisie struggling to create some sort of meta-ideology to motivate the dissolution of the nation-state.

Hence, the left has virtually left the European working class at the mercy of barbarian hordes and "nationalist" parties which are in truth fascist movements trying to exploiting the divisions of the working class and gaining themselves a place in the table of exploitment. IP/PC is solely to blame for that.

Hence, that is why we need to formulate a strategy to combat IP/PC within our own ranks as well as in society in general.

Nikolai Yezhov, head of the NKVD

Nikolai Yezhov
Head of the NKVD

Now, when CRAP is about to start a project known as the "Proletarian struggle against the deviations of Identity politics and Political correctness", we invoke the memory of the great NKVD leader of the USSR as a guiding ideal to help us purge IP and PC from the marxist-leninist ideology for all eternity.

Yezhov was born on the 1st of May in 1895, and worked as factory worker before joining the Bolshevik Party in 1917, a few months before the October Revolution, and from that point worked relentlessly to serve the new socialist motherland.

In 1936, he was appointed head of the Soviet security police, the NKVD, and was assigned the task of uprooting the Trotskyite-Fascist conspiracies against the new state. The main purges were finished during his two year in the position.

Yezhov tried really hard to accommodate Stalin's will, but Beria and a lot of other leaders were afraid of him targetting their corruption, and set up a plan to remove Yezhov. The NKVD leader had become very powerful, and could theoretically have made a coup'd'etat. But he would not. He even voluntarily resigned all of his positions in 1938 and was thereafter eliminated by Beria.

On the party symbol

As a gesture of gratitude to the revolutionary theories and direct actions of the National Bolshevik Party of Russia, the CRAP frontier leader have decided to adopt the NBP party flag as a symbol for our party in Europe.

By unifying communist compassion with those most gravely affected by post-soviet fascism and capitalism, with anarchist, dadaist and situationist direct action, the national bolsheviks have hold the torch of true socialism burning during the darkest years of communist struggle.

Inaguration of a new revolutionary party

Communist Revolutionary Action Party
A new dawn
By Michel Rienzi

It stands inevitably clear that the socialist and revolutionary communist parties all have been hijacked by a liberal leadership who have corrupted and retarded the intellectual process of socialism. While communists during the latter half of the 20th century for decades fought on trivial details of no other meaning than blind dogmatism and theoretical quarrels over what great leader said this and what other great leader said that, the main body of socialism was overtaken by several deviations splittering the focus of socialism and leading to the elimination of the communists as an effective force for progressive social change.

These deviations are the following:

1. Identity politics.

Identity politics means that instead of seeing the working class as the subject of social change, the socialist revolutionaries should look up to the immigrant minorities, the gays and lesbians, and the angstful youth culture as the carrier of change. That is not an efficient or progressive position. It is full with self-contradictions and would only lead to the alienation of the socialist movement from the popular stream of discussion.

2. Political correctness.

The idea that the fair-skinned Europeans, both the bourgeoisie and the working man, is collectively guilty for the suffering of the third world has poisoned the European left as a whole, and is more and more stigmatising and compromising the left-wing movement in the eyes of workers.

3. Apathy.

Victory does not lie in relentless defense for the positions of the working class, but in ruthless assaults against the positions of power. The left today does not believe in it's own positions, hence they will resort to defending the rights of minorities which are of marginal interest to the well-being of the working class.

4. Anti-Europeanism.

The patriotism towards a lost golden age of European welfare states and an irrational will to dismantle the European Union is a disease which much be cleansed from the general discussion within the progressive elements of the European left. International global revolution is unrealistic, but as unrealistic is the thought that Austria or even a country like France alone could combat global capitalism. Experience has shown that another socialist superpower is desperatedly needed to combat international cosmopolitanism and international capitalism.

5. Bad aesthetics.

The current left have been infected with aesthetics that have made it more into a subculture than an ideological movement. The degenerated punk scene which worships the worst excesses of the proletariat instead of combating it. Lazyness, promiscuity, debauchery and stupidity should not be the foundations of a new civilization.

6. No scientific progress in marxism.

There has not been any significant change in the general marxist analysis of the European social classes and their development since 1968.

What if the bolsheviks had turned the Kremlin into a graffiti wall? What if they had carried forth transvestites, punks, moslems and everyone except the typical proletarian as an ideal? How could one carry forth a revolution with such an ideological foundation?

Therefore, we could conclude that both the left and the right of our age are mere whispers, that politics has largely lost it's relevance due to globalism and the European Union, and that it would'nt matter if we had donkeys or plastic vaginas as chief of state(s) since the governments have largely excluded themselves from regulating the economy by installing a dictatorship of international cosmopolitan capital run by an international consortium of banks and stock markets.

The Communist Revolutionary Action Party is an international party aimed to turn the European Union into a socialist superpower.

We contest the idiotic notion that we should adhere to a political spectra put up in 1791, and label ourselves neither as left or right, but as a forward and upward movement.

We contest the idiotic notion that we should slavishly follow the dogmas of one or two communist leaders or theorists, hampering our flexibility and scientific development.

We contest the idiotic notion that combatting religion is a central aspect of socialism.

We are pragmatic theorists and intellectuals.

We want a new Europe.

A Europe where all European workers are guaranteed employment, three meals a day, a place of living, safe and clean streets, a high standard of life, and a high standard of the environment.

A Europe, where the economy is streamlined according to modern planning theories and modern technology akin to Cockshott and Cottrell.

A Europe where scientists and engineers have the same status and pop stars today.

A Europe which is a socialist superpower defending progressive nations in the Third World against American imperialism.

A Europe where the Burning Phoenix could rise from the ashes.