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On the class analysis of CRAP I

The Aryans

Tribal communism was the dominant system of modern Europe until the transition between the bronze age and the iron age. The tribal communist system, was marked by a matriarchal cult of nature, of a respect of all living beings, of peace and plenty. Then, the Asian Aryans rode into Europe and erradicated the confederate system of tribes which earlier on had dominated Europe, and replaced the Queens and the great Mother with male gods of wars. Thus, tribal communism was replaced with an Aryan system of submission under Asiatic slavery.

But no ruler could ever dream to rule over a civilisation without making assertions of acceptance to the earlier dominating culture. No society, not even a classless society, could work without division of labor. Hence, the Aryan rulers of Iron Age-Europe, be they Celtic, German, Hellenic or Latin, were forced to adopt strategies to rule without too much opposition, by the inclusion of the majority people into their system (inter-marriage by the elite, and contracts with the lower classes). This process took several centuries, and eventually, the European continent was divided from the north-west to the south-east by a line demarking the border between the Aryan Romans and the Aryan Germans.

The Aryan Romans employed a system of city-states and codified laws amassed underneath one imperial state with constitutional limits. The economic base of that system was slavery, which permitted a large part of the population to parasite from other's work. There were also a class of free citizens, and an aristocracy. The Aryan Germans did as well employ a similar system, but centered around the household and without a centralised state as a last resort.

This conflict was resolved through the Age of Migrations, where the synthesis - feudalism - allowed the birth of Europe as a geo-political entity unified by Semitic Christianity. Feudalism continued the ethnic stratifications of earlier systems and destroyed the multiculturalism of the late Roman Empire. Feudalism presents itself as a triumph of labor over wealth, of the German over the Roman. It was a Continental, not a Mediterranean system.

The French revolution saw the dethronisation of Aryan rule over Europe, and the beginning of Capitalism. But capitalism has not emancipated the European worker and given him the control of production denied by 3000 years of Aryan yoke.

The old aristocracy is a relic, but it is not a European ideal, but an anti-European ideal, and hence by all means should be desecrated.

The Capitalists

One important thing to notice is that the capitalists, which often are either members of differing ethnicies or included in their worldview, driven by profit as only interest, has no interest whatsoever in releasing the creative mind of the European worker and inventor.

On the contrary, the capitalists are driving people to maximise the profits of the companies, which whenever it suits them could move to China or Malaysia. When Europeans are working over-time to keep their jobs, their demographic development turns negative, which the vile hook-nosed capitalist solves by importing lumpen-proles from the third world. That is a slow genocide on the European population, which is chained to the means of production.

The Third World and
the Lumpen-proletariat

The socialist parties of Europe has become pawns in the game of chess of capitalism, fighting against the interests of the worker and for the interests of the capitalist. The lepers, the beggars, the perverts, the mutants and the masses rid of an identity are the ideal herd for a master, something which the Aryan Romans already realised 2.000 years ago with their destruction of the Italic culture.

The Capitalist utilises the faceless, beastly masses of the Third World to destroy the European worker and domesticate him.

The European Socialist Class War is a two-front war. Against the capitalist, and against the underclass.

The European Worker

What have made European swords so sharp, is not the strength of the Aryan swordsman, but the ingenuity of the European blacksmith. What have made European companies great is not the tongue of the Cosmopolitan Capitalist, but the ingenuity of the European working man.

When the European worker is fully liberated from the chains of Cosmopolitan capitalism and free to embrace his full creative potential, and new European Sun will rise, and a new European oak will grow, a thousand times more bright and shining.

Europe will become the greatest civilisation that Earth has ever seen, a civilisation not domesticated under brute elite but free to with joy and celebration make tremendous progress in all forms of arts and science. The vanguard is a European vanguard. The destiny is a European destiny.

A socialist revolution by all means must be a European revolution, and intended to emancipate the European worker with his history, and erradicate 3500 years of oppression underneath Aryan and Rootless Cosmopolitanist cultures.


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Superiorsaviour said...

You can't deny that the sum-total of goods in society hasn't increased as the system becomes more capitalist. It's the spread of the wealth that becomes more uneven.