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On Rienzian Vanguardism

CRAP does not profess to the idealist national bolshevik assertions of the "misfit" as the natural vanguard of the working class as described by Eduard Limonov. Of course, misfits have played a significant role in most states of revolutionary upheaval. But what Limonov fails to realise, is that these individuals would never have gained momentum in becoming leaders of revolutionary movements had it not been for the self-destruction of the European World Order of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy in 1914-1921.

In fact, the problem with the insurrectionist nature of the national bolshevik party lies in itself gazing blind on the situation of Russia in 1917, which catapulted the bolshevik party - at the time a political sect at the margin of worker movements in the land - into government.

Instead of advocating the leadership of fringes, we should not hesitate to take a second look at the vanguard as manifested in a marxist-leninist party. As both I and Limonov are aware of, the states run by marxist-leninist parties has been the subject of a certain amount of corruption and revisionism on behalf of party bureaucrats. For example, the Soviet Union collapsed because it was betrayed by IT'S OWN ELITE.

Stalin tried to solve that problem by instituting purges, while Mao tried to solve it by the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Both of these attempts tragically failed to root out the cause of the problem, due to the fact that even the new uncorrupted and loyal cadres eventually degenerated. We could therefore assert that attempts at purging out certain elements in the practice of Stalin and Mao has failed to outlive the persons attempting to save the marxist-leninist vanguard parties.

As dialectal materialism learns us, the material conditions of a social class determines it's practical actions at big. One could claim that dialectal materialism is a theory remniscent of Einstein's general theory of relativity, and that it has influence on the macro level. Thus, a single individual might not be class concious and might have differing opinions of the others of his class, but the whole class will act according to it's objective material interests. The problems with the vanguards of the working class has been that they have been unintentionally engineered so that they will degenerate and replace the corrupt aristocracies and the decadent bourgeoisie they originally overthrew.

Thus, any attempt to destroy a degenerated political current without attacking the social conditions giving birth to such abominations, is the equivalent of trying to destroying weed by spreading it out and not touch it's roots or the soil that took care of it.

What is vanguardism after all?

It stands evidently clear that the theory of a vanguard party has not been developed to it's core and to it's logical conclusion. The working class, being unable to channel it's own class interests, must be represented by the movement which stands above history, and is prepared to die for the cause of the communist revolution.

Therefore, the vanguard must be incorruptable.

Subsequently, the vanguard must be economically and socially isolated from the desires and cultural fetisches of the bourgeoisie. That excludes many workers, who wish to better their own material conditions by short-sighted goals like "higher minimum wage" or "expanded rights to strike". Those people are by their nature unable to comprehend the transformation from capitalism into socialism, and therefore worthless as material for the vanguard.

There are three solutions.

1. Create a mass-party without a vanguard, claim it to represent a vanguard, take over it, and see it deteriorate into opportunism, revisionism or trotskyism (tested out in almost all socialist states).

2. Create an elite party, comprised of fanatic intellectuals, and become isolated and harmless (tested out in marxist-leninist dogmatic sects).

3. Rienzian vanguardism. Build the party as an orden. Organise sympatisers amongst the workers, who are to organise the direct struggle on the working-place, while a Vanguard is then harvested from the most dedicated, intelligent, calm and fanatical warriors.

This is a natural evolution which moves into the other direction, than the direction which leads to revisionism and death. It is a path of life.

It is central that the vanguard holds the same internal loyalty and transparency as a monk orden. It is also central that the vanguard as a whole obides some basic rules which would direct their energy.

* A vanguardist should not own or seek to own any property, but on being admissioned into the vanguard should donate all that he owns to needing workers and to the Communist Revolutionary Action Party (50/50 division)

* A vanguardist should not build a family, seek a spouse or raise children, since that diverts from the cause of building communism.

* A vanguardist should not intoxicate his body or mind with poison, and should avoid alcohol, nicotine, and other types of drugs.

* A vanguardist should channel all his energy and faith to the cause of building communism.

* A vanguardist should not engage in sexual relations, since physical pleasures diverts from the cause of building communism. Masturbation is a bourgeoisie practice which should be seen as a crime against the revolution. Celibacy is implied.

* A vanguardist should feel uncompromising compassion for the workers and those mistreated by the establishment. He should without hesitation be prepared to sacrifice himself for the cause of justice, righteousness and truth - for the cause of supporting worker communities against the two class enemies (the establishment, and the lumpen-proletariat).

* A vanguardist should feel uncompromising hatred against the enemies of the working class.

* A vanguardist should respect and uphold the workers, and detest and root out intellectuals of false conciousness, the advocates of identity politics and political correctness. Those are attacking the workers on behalf of the lumpen-proles and the establishment, and are the prime intellectual enemies of the working class.

* A vanguardist should fight both the state and the criminal networks of the lumpen-proles, and build up autonomous zones according to the theories of national revolution advocated by such thinkers like Kai Murros.

* A vanguardist should seek to perfect his soul and body by practicing martial arts and read exclusively.

Thus, the active minority which would comprise the vanguard, both pre-revolution and post-revolution, should be a class, or rather a caste resembling warrior monks. Those who are mentally or physically unfit to represent the objective class interests of the European working class would be declined admission from the start.

Another very important aspect of rienzian vanguardism, is that the vanguard should never be allowed to control the means of production, since that would create a grave risk for corruption and thus the creation of revisionism.

The European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics should be built on worker control of factories. The Central Committe should not direct production and consumption, since we today have the technological means to empower the working class in control over factories, farms and production.

That is essential to the whole character of European socialism.


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