Monday, June 25, 2007

People's Front of National Resistance

What is differing CRAP from revisionist, neo-marxist and out-right liberal parties and movements cloaked under marxism, is that we base our analysis on dialectal materialism on modern conditions, and are not trying to use outdated maps from the 1930;s in determining our allies, our friends and our enemies.

There are several differences now. Most of these differences are based on the miscalculations and open treason of the leadership of the left-wing intellectual vanguard. While socialism turned out to be national, capitalism have become international. In year 1933, there was still a national form of capitalism, with national banks, big corporations and a national bourgeoisie. Capitalism today is synonymous with globalisation.

Owners of modern corporations are anonymous. A corporation based in Germany could this day be owned by American cosmopolitans and tomorrow by Chinese capitalists. Long-term strategic planning has been outphased and replaced with short-sighted profits not exceeding the term of the CEO:s.

Modern capitalists are thus freely moving capital over a global market, and has thus become dependent on a global free market with supranational institutions and some sort of collective military force (NATO). Thus, even if it would theoretically be strategically wise of them of aligning themselves with nationalist movements to crush revolutionary sentiments, they COULD simply NOT do so, since that would cut off the legs of their movements.

Instead, through intellectual institutions, they have tamed the left, and what are left of the institutional communist parties of the Cold War era, are a sort of controlled opposition which is given the right to control culture politics and the interpretation of left-wing opposition to the power. It is interesting that the current liberal totalitarianism of the USA and the EU is based on both the legitimisation and delegitimisation of opposition. Socialists who are caring for theaters where people have right to wear dildos, or for the right of refugee smugglers to co un-caught, are "legitime". Socialists who actually care of the working people are demagogues according to liberal media, and thus "illegitime".

If you say the criticism which the media want you to say, you will eventually become minister in a centre-left coalition government (a sort of quisling government running errands for cosmopolitan international speculation).

If you say anything which truely threatens the ideals of neo-liberalism and free market economics, you are a dangerous extremist.

No wonder that a lot of AFA activists are then allowed in as journalists on LIBERAL newspapers. AFA are simply the stormtroopers of the liberals, who need multiculturalism in order to break working class solidarity (the Babel strategy).

Therefore, we could conclude that European nationalists today are not necessarily a regressive force. On the contrary, a historical opportunity of an alliance between labour and the petty-bourgeoisie has opened up. That could form the foundation of an anti-globalist people's front aimed at one realist, achievable target.

That target must be to destroy the liberal, totalitarian state of the EU, and replace it with a national liberation government which could secure truely free elections in European populist traditions.

There is only the system, and the enemies of the system.

The enemy of my enemy, is my ally.