Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Identity Politics and Political Correctness

Chapter I
The IP/PC Deviation
by Michel Rienzi

There have been many deviations in the left-wing environment throughout it's history. We could just think about the gotha programme, social democracy, fabianism, council communism, feminism, trotskyism, revisionism, pacifism...

Deviations must often not actually be fought relentlessly, and could be useful to widen the recruitment base to the revolutionary party. Take for example christianity. It is not a relevant point to the revolution or the construction of the new socialist society whether or not christianity is purged or not.

Actually, empirical evidence points out that direct attacks against organised religion could be counter-productive. Despite several years of atheist indoctrination, still 70% of the Russian people label themselves as orthodox. There is much less religiosity in countries like Sweden, where 85% call themselves agnostics or atheists. Direct attacks on the church authority would just strengthen it, which is shown by the treatment of sects like Falun Gong, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of Scientology. Of course, sects such as these need to be supressed, but to try to treat an established entity like the catholic church the same way would be a catastrophic action.

The goal must be to conquer the established moral authorities from within and turn them from reactionary elements into progressive elements. We realise that. Gramsci did realise that. What Gramsci had not realise, was that the progressive movement itself would in large be hijacked by another ideology and drained from it's life.

It is not the ideological mechanisms that has been twarted as in earlier cases of revisionism, but the very heart of the ideology itself has been corrupted. The western revolutionary left have been hijacked by POSTMODERNISM. It is a complete disaster, which have had long-lasting effects for the aesthetics and ideals of the progressive movements.

For example, valuable resources are moved from supporting working class struggle into beefing up fruitless, sterile "ideologies" like multiculuralism, gender theory and various forms of sociology. Instead of producing magnificent works of art which shows life as it should look, akin to socialist realism, the "progressive artists" of our time are producing revolting pictures of degeneration and decadence aimed at destroying everything in life that is honorful and high.

Identity politics is a code-word for existentialism and postmodernism, both idealistically and artistically, within the progressive movement. Instead of developing marxism, time is wasted planning gay pride parades and pornographic exhibitions (what an irony, that true beautiful pictures of the human body as it ought to look are labelled "pornographic" by the modern left, while horrendous abominations showing cripples, fat people, shit and people having sex with corpses is labelled as "arts"). Andy Warhol, Sartre, and de Beavouir are the icons of that change and that movement.

Political Correctness in it's turn, is a system of mind control remniscent of stalinist and maoist techniques of purging a movement from regressive elements. But the PC is on the absolute other vedge of the methodology, labelling all expressions which are running contrary to the self-destruction of organised society as "evil, racist, fascist and totalitarian" expressions.

In a situation when a lot of European cities are enduring a low-scale civil war with an ever-increasing moslem population, that is an excellent tool for suppressing criticism to the apparent supremacism and racism of elements within the coloured populations. The white European working male is guilty for the Holocaust, the Black slave trade and Imperialism, hence he should be the scapegoat for all violence that is injected by criminal gangs in our suburbs. If there have been a horrendous gang rape of a blonde European women made by a group of Somalis, media immeaditily calls an "expert" who claims that the perpetrators of most sexual violence are the representatives of the indigenous population.

Some modern "leftists" would claim that IP/PC is a part of the modern consensus and hence above criticism. In much the same manner as neoliberals are defending globalisation as the "only road", these leftists prefer to call multiculturalism inevitable.

In two ways, that is a tragic fallacy of enormous proportions.

1. The progressive, in justifying his existence, cannot and should not do what he is doing because of the trendiness of that inclination for the moment. Especially not as globalisation and mondialism are ideologies injected by international capital.

2. It is not like that IP/PC in fact IS an expression of what the majority of the population think and feel. On the contrary, during the last two decades, the bourgeoisie state and it's intellectuals have vehemently worked to install mass campaign after mass campaign based on the IP/PC deviations, and answered even the slightest dissonance in that symphony with unproportionally harsh measures.

IP/PC is what has alienated the industrial workers from the intellectuals of the European left-wing movement, and unified these intellectuals in solidarity with the bourgeoisie struggling to create some sort of meta-ideology to motivate the dissolution of the nation-state.

Hence, the left has virtually left the European working class at the mercy of barbarian hordes and "nationalist" parties which are in truth fascist movements trying to exploiting the divisions of the working class and gaining themselves a place in the table of exploitment. IP/PC is solely to blame for that.

Hence, that is why we need to formulate a strategy to combat IP/PC within our own ranks as well as in society in general.

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