Thursday, May 31, 2007

On direct action

The working class today is domesticated by blind consumerism, hedonism and the degeneration of bourgeoisie culture. They do not live good or healthy lives, but by the TV and the commercials, they are slept by the americanist idea that everyone could achieve everything. They live like Onslow in "Keeping up appearances", have no revolutionary fervor and no will to achieve anything constructive.

The subject of the revolution must be the "creative class", or the "class of outcasts", or "Limonov's misfits" (Another Russia, chapter 8.). Those are the intellectuals who are or would be natural dissidents in any system. They are socially alienated from the culture of consumerism and togetherness spawned by the western liberal mind. They long forward to a new, more heroic existence. They are the future.

The creative class is the natural enemy of the left-wing intelligentsia. The creative class is not drenched in political correctness, social competence or any will to adapt and reach higher within the framework of the current discourse. The creative class hates the post-modern culture of the intelligentsia.

The preferred goal should be the twofold sword of turning the creative class into the vanguard of the European revolution, and instituting base areas according to the theories of Murros. Only if that is the case, we could hope to build a constructive counter-society against western decadence.

To build up base areas, we would need limited, rational actions meant to question the status quo of the local zone. Such actions must be meant to create a long-term subjugation of the public space into an extension of the party and therefore for the classes meant to be involved at the helm of the communist project.

Direct action, not parliamentarism, is the primary method to achieve success.


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