Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the CRAP programme

The CRAP programme is not to be a product of one's imagination or imposition of the will of one or a few individuals over how the wotrld should look, but be a flexible, balanced charter on how the European Union could be turned from a globalist-cosmopolitan liberal system into one that is imperial-integral and socialist.

We are neither supportive of the "socialism in one country"-thesis, or the thesis of international revolution. It is evident that there are some objective differences which for example have made an area the size of the former USSR more adaptable to socialism than an area corresponding to the size of Ghana.

"Socialism in one country" is only feasible if the country is of considerable geographical size. It would be pure madness to try to turn for example Burkina Faso or Tahiti into self-sustaining socialist paradises.

Therefore, to a lesser extent, the idea of turning one European country into a socialist state is not so attractive given the fact that country would be excluded from needed resources and subject to the geopolitical situation of Europe. Belarus for example, cannot do much to alter the map of relations between even European countries.

That leads to the conclusion that we need an area of bigger scope to project our work on, and hence, we have the European Union. Our primary goal must not only be to establish a Pan-european party, but to become a leading voice in the establishment of socialism in Europe for our new generations.

In essence, our party therefore needs to be Pro-european and not Anti-european as the current left-wing cultural establishment. With pro-europanism, we mean that instead of focusing on various immigrant groups and sexual minorities, we should focus on the main worker class of Europe, as well as on university students and the "creative class" of misfits (Limonov, another Russia, chapter 8) which constitutes the main driving forces for revolutionary fervor.

Our natural enemies are liberal pro-europeans, nationalist anti-europeans, socialist anti-europeans and islamic supremacist anti-europeans. Our natural allies are pro-european socialists and pro-european nationalists.

Imperial-integralism is not imperialism, but rather the will to set up a superpower which should reflect the character of the ruling class. In the terms of our proposed socialist European Union, it should reflect the character of the working class and creative class.

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