Friday, June 8, 2007

Nerd Defense League

A revolutionary people's front against bullying and mass-culture

As capitalism devolved into consumerism in the late 1940;s, due to the need to get rid of excessive production over-capacity, led to the establishment of a mass-fashion culture based on the lowest common denominator. Suddenly, the values of the lumpen-proletariat - excessiveness, debauchery, promiscuity and testosteronocracy, became the guiding principles in popular culture, spreading from the USA to the rest of the world, efficiently destroying all earlier class identities, as observed by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In such an environment, brilliance and interests on science and development are certainly not looked upon as evolutionary preferable traits, and are thus frowned upon by an hostile surrounding pack - a mass building up a hierarchy based on the lowest possible form of caste graduation of human beings, namely sexuality.

Mass culture is a poison which, among other things, especially hurt persons of above average intelligence and prevents them from joining the creative class due to peer pressure and bullying, thus harming their self-confidence and forcing them into a docile role as "Dilbert's" on the working place. Actually, nerds are rejected by the capitalist society which is dependent upon them. They are not the ideal, even though they are the part of the working class which is most responsible for the technology we have been granted with.

They are not on the giant propaganda posters.

They are not seen as moviestars.

They have a lower status in their companies than bosses and consultants who've never done anything but talking, living off their "social competence". The creative class wants to create and be free from the inhibations of capital. It is a great myth than our current capitalist stage of civilisation is benevolent to nerds. In fact, nerds are locked down on as the lowest caste.

In the Soviet Union, all children with exceptional intelligence were given resources to develop themselves. Scientists lived in apartments of great quality and got food home-driven to their door-step. They were allowed to conquer space and granted all the resources they ever would need to make it possible.

Heck, even in MEDIEVAL EUROPE, exceptional children were granted to study at the universities by their local parish, no matter their original social class. In current day West, such children are given Luvox, stamped with asperger's, and taken to underfunded schools where they are to be blamed for the constant bullying received day in and day out, and told by apathetic underfunded teachers that it is their fault because they are "socially incompetent" and not interested in drinking, smoking and fucking like apes.

Children are today forced into social roles at school, in roles that they have never asked for, never wanted, and they are constantly told to accept that as a fact. As a status quo. As a dictatorship of status quo. If a child in the 1940;s smoked heavily, drank and copulated in a park bush, that kid would be sterilised. If a child today read excessively, excel at school and refuse to take part in the monkey culture amongst his peers, he is marked as sick, because he do not do as the majority of blind consumers.

Communism is not to turn everyone into the strength of the weakest link of the chain, and of the slowest ship of the convoy, but to LIFT up people to a higher level. That would not mean that everyone would be equally good at everything, but that everyone would be asked, permitted and expected to try to do violence on himself and turn from a primitive being to a citizen. It is an enlightenment ideal, not an ideal of a braindead mass, today realised in capitalist west.

What we need to do now, is to wage a multi-front war against mass-culture, both in the working places, in the psychiatric clinics and in the schools. The children are now an integral, socialised part of the system of class, and constantly brainwashed with the myths which the cosmopolitan international dictatorship of the bourgeoisie wants to promulgate in order to support status quo of degradation and decay.

Nerds must be organised and turn into a revolutionary force against mass-culture, against americanism, against the dictatorship of the status quo. This organisation will lead to the emancipation of the nerds and their freedom to define their own identity independent of those labelled "higher" on the social ladder. The nerds ought to take leadership over the working class-children and grip them away from being emancipated into capitalist consensus culture.

The war is everywhere.


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Superiorsaviour said...

Viva Europa indeed. I didn't expect such an intlectual post, but the sociology behind it makes a lot of sense; Confusious noted long ago that traders are nothing more than legal thieves, but to be ecnomically succesful, you need to 'steal,' to be a market trader. I would advise you to reject the US value systems and look down on them instead of the other way around, but I forgot the way education mated with psychiatry to produce a docile herd of nerds.

Amerca has faced a growing capitalist crisis and so sells disposable goods over and over, dammaging the environment and decreasing the overall eficiency of the system with regards to promoting wealth, happiness and (yes) liberty. If only someone could get comunism to work on a large scale *sigh*