Sunday, June 3, 2007

On the western marxist establishment

The greatest enemy of the western working class today, is the collective known as the western marxist establishment. There, we are talking about the French and Italian "new left", the Frankfurt institute and the neo-marxist and post-colonial thinkers. The whole 1968 establishment is a part of the political power, and it's most right-wing aspects have even had seat in European governments (in the forms of the Italian left, and the former foreign minister of Germany). The university intelligentsia, cosmopolitan, queer and chic, is loved by the liberal newspapers. They criticise the power, but they are never offering ANY sustainable or feasible alternative.

From 1968 and onwards, the leading "marxist" thinkers of Europe have become politically accepted critics of the bourgeoisie power. And why not? The current bourgeoisie is not national, not even supranational, but global. When western marxists are kicking against racism, prejudices, homophobia, anti-immigration sentiments, nationalism and some aspects of US foreign policy, they are doing it with the support of the elites in their respective states. The current bourgeoisie represents the very same values, cosmopolitan, liberal, tolerant, open-minded. As long as the neoliberal economic dogma (in a left-wing pack) is advocated through fair-trade, support of free migration, support of abortions and neglect of the core groups of the left.

No socialist party will be supported by the liberal media unless it caves in to the issues by heart of the liberal ultra-rightists, namely market economics, urbanism, deterioration of the national labour market, support of minority cultures, and support for the corporate power (masqueraded with a false support of the petty bourgeoisie).

We could conclude that there is in existence a strong "neo-marxist" presence on western universities, represented by such subjects as sociology, social science, neo-marxism, and various "humanist teachings". In essence, the soft, female-sounding subjects at the university are derived to the self-castrated, effeminised marxist establishment, while economics (a social science) and the technical subjects are handed over to the right.

The right despises the humanist and aesthetic subjects, while the left despises the technical skill-orientated subjects. In the 1930;s, the left led the struggle for the future, but nowadays, all the modern left could produce aesthetically is photos of social alienation and degeneration, and post-modern assaults on the values of the previous generations of communists. These "humanists" which are polluting the mindset of the youth do exactly fit into the Kazscynskean definition of the leftist mental mindset (Industrial Society and it's future).

If we look at the universities as a system where the establishment (economic, political, cultural) renew itself and spreads down to new generations, we could see that "marxism", in terms of gender theoretics, aesthetics and humanism plays an important role in creating an intelligentsia which stands unified in a false opposition to a power which have built and defined that intelligentsia. In short, the intention with the creation of the neo-marxist intelligentia was probably to "civilise" the barbarian working class and pacify the communist movements. The latter goal has largely been accomplished.

But exactly as predicted by the Soviet bolsheviks of old - when marxists turn away from the working class, the working class will turn to another force to protect them. The national petty-bourgeoisie, composed of local capitalists, bureaucrats and some genuine representatives of pre-capitalist elites, are mounting a counter-offensive against the neo-liberal globalism of the NWO system. With increasing support from the working class, the European petty-bourgeoisie nationalists are forming a populist and in some essence genuinly fascist alternative to the world order of globalism.

The left, with Hardt and Negri as foremost representatives, is unable to take up the challenge since it nowadays prefer to speak with the new language of political correctness, and as the positions of the globalists wither to pieces, so will the leftist intelligentsia fade.

Our goal must be to build up a new political movement, neither national or global, but European in it's essence. Europe is being colonised by the forces of international political capital, and must be fended. The petty-bourgeoisie do not hold the ability to create anything which will be able to create a dynamic and living Europe. We got it.

Now it is time that we smash the western marxist establishment, before it suffocates by itself.


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