Monday, June 4, 2007

On the G8 riots

Anarchism as a form of Retardism

Quite symptomatic, is'nt it?

It is also quite symptomatic that one that is not buying the aesthetic, cultural and mythological values of the modern left is denounced as a fascist. If you do not listen to their music, worship the primitive values of stone-throwing and of "violence against fascists" you are against them. It is not about ideology, but about preferences, often of a cliche-esque liberal search of identity. If you join with a political group, you should adapt to their ways of using language, to their dresscode and to their imaginative pictures of reality. No matter if you are a liberal or an anarchist (often, these two extremes are one and the same).

The braindeadness of the activist environment is manifested through their favourite ritual, their habituation to go rampage with street-stones and then get a well-deserved beating by the working class boys of the police. Their slogans, their propaganda, their dresscode and theire ideals are all of the most puberesque and simplistic nature. Their political analysis is to lump together all of their opponents, real or imagined, with fascists. Thus, "fascism", we are made aware of, is the dislike of hiphop music, the dislike of promiscuous behaviour, the respects for traditions and elders, and everything that even breathes criticism of uncontrolled immigration.

All of that is an example of a self-alienating political position which is a good incubator for the "rebellious youth" in the academia. No true industrial worker, retiree or serious anti-globalist analyst would follow such demented characters, who believe that Jagtvej 69 equals the Louvre or the Egyptian pyramids. They wear tons of PIN;s, have rings in their noses, and colourful clothes. They are advocating a sexually promiscuous way of living, and an attitude of sloth and disregard for common interests. The belief that these people could pose an alternative to the current globalist system is horrendous.

Notice as well, that the anarchists/libertarian socialists are nourished by the globalist system. They are maybe "harassed" by the police (after going berserk at everything). They are given benefits from the governments, in the form of money to their "houses of youth", to their garage bands, to their "street theater" and to various projects related to Identity Politics.

One thing we could see, is that these libertarian socialists are sharing more in common with the globalist political establishment, than the establishment is having in common with the petty-bourgeoisie fascists. They are both "open", for "diversity", for "multiculturalism", for "HBT persons", for "free trade" (which the ultra-leftists call "fair trade". They want to abolish the European subsidies to farmers. They want to rip the food from the mouth of the European worker and give it away to the petty-bourgeoisie farmers of the third world.

They both hate traditional European culture, whether in the form of catholic conservatism, old state socialism, or "fascism".

Many of the current political leaders are representatives of the 1968 generation, which could be called the beginning of the "New Left".

Thus, the current "radical activist environment" is not an opposition but the future establishment in being.

We must first and foremost attack the system relentlessly, it's values and it's doctrines and worship of the market. We must attack false criticism and false conciousness which is infecting all radical criticism and leading to stagnation on thoughts.


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